Dwayne Dillon, simply referred to as Dillon, is the owner and sole proprietor of Dillon’s Image, a premier, full-service personal grooming service based in South Florida.

Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, Dillon moved to the United States when he was 6 years old. He credits his parents with instilling him with an unbeatable work ethic. While Dillon found it difficult to find his niche in a traditional school setting and identify a career path, he thrived at artistic, hands-on projects. He had no initial aspiration of becoming a barber, but would regularly cut his brother’s hair and his mother took notice. At his mother’s suggestion, Dillon enrolled in the Margate School of Beauty, and from there, things began falling into place. The school did not offer a barber program, so he studied cosmetology. While he had no desire to style women’s hair, he excelled and immediately stood out as a student with great potential. Recognizing the rarity of his skills, teachers gladly mentored him, advising him in both the artistry and business acuity of personal grooming.